The Power of Compounding & Patience, Nano Blog

We usually underestimate 🐔 the power of long term compounding. 🐯

Here I am sharing the performance of a Multiasset Fund which has generated 21% CAGR returns in the last 21 years ⌚.

It means Rs. 10L 💰 invested during the New Fund Offer in 2002 is valued at Rs. 6 Crore 💯 🤑.

Our brain 🧠 usually thinks in a liner way and cannot comprehend compounded returns.
India 🇮🇳 is positioned at an inflexion point where you can tap the opportunity and be the part of the Amrit Kaal growth story. 

Kirtan Bhatt
Turtlefolio Wealth
In a pursuit to make you Wealthy.

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