Liquidity Elixir: Loan Against Mutual Funds

Do you know how much time it takes to take a loan or credit line against?

1. Home/Property 🏠
2. Gold 🥇
3. FD
4. Mutual Funds Units / Shares

1. 20-30 days for Loan against Property @ 10-12% (Mortgage Loan), processing cost 1-2%

2. 1-2 days Against gold value, Disbursal after purity check. 10% interest rate. Processing Cost: 1-2%

3. 1-2 hrs against FD, (FD RATE + 1%)

4. 1 hr against Mutual Fund Units, 9%.

How I use the credit line against Mutual Fund Units?

For 10L of investments in Mutual Funds, I get the credit line of 4.5L which can be utilised at 9% per annum. Whereas my Mutual Fund Portfolio is growing at 14%.

This can be used instead of credit cards which has higher interest charges in case of delay.

Connect with us to get the credit limit against your mutual fund holding from the ease of your home.

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Kirtan Bhatt
Turtlefolio Wealth
In the pursuit to make you Wealthy.

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  1. Dhruvil Shah May 9, 2024

    Useful information and resources.

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